Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is a test...

I'm seeing if this service called posterous works.  I'd really really like to use blogger in China, but if I can't post on it then I can't post on it and that's that.  This web service is kinda neat though cause I can apparently just type in everything in an email, like I'm doing right now, and then send it to my automated email/updating system and it will just take care of it for me.  So here I am, trying it out.  Diana said she can read blogs, but she just can't post on them.  I'm trying to get around this issue.

here's a picture to see if it works:

<img src="">

I really have no idea if this is an automated service or what.  I haven't figured everything out because I'd like to be able to use host the pictures on blogger as well.  Maybe I'll have to host them myself and reference them, but no one gets to see larger versions of the images or something.  I could use a code that makes a small version of the image, then links to a larger version I guess.. I mean... that's what thumbnails are to begin with except they're usually pretty decent quality.  I should look into this.

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Edit: Well that's pretty lol... I can see this working though, so I'm going to keep troubleshooting it.


mgctim said...
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mgctim said...

I couldn't see this post.

whitney said...

there's a post here????