Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Sci-Fi movie I'm looking forward to: District 9

It's based off of one of my favorite short films Alive in Joburg. It's all about racism and humanity and other such things. I like the film because it has what feel like some surprisingly powerful moments in what's really a short time frame. Whenever I've watched it I've always thought "man I wish I could see more of this". The first time I saw it I rewatched it like 3 more times. The new movie sounds like exactly what I wanted but with some sort of cover-up plot or something involved. I'm a big fan of what it looks like they're doing with the special effects. Not over-the-top, just there when it needs to be. Moon was very similar in the whole special-effects-where-they-need-to-be-but-they're-not-trying-to-be-flashy thing.

I'm really looking forward to this movie and I feel like Neill Blomkamp might be a director to start watching. Unfortunately I'm going to be in China when it's released... :-(

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