Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A sweet mish mash of movies turned into my dream last night.

Last night I had a dream that I was Michael J. Fox (young Marty McFly version) as Jon Connor. I say "I" but it was only kind of me, it was all in third person and filmed like a movie. Close ups, traveling shots, quick editing, etc. I traveled through time in Bill and Ted's time traveling phone booth with some nameless person that I was showing time travel to. We went to some medieval time and then a scary as hell terminator found me. This was a new and faster terminator than had ever been previously seen (seeing as how they're machines, they can run faster than a normal human.) It was able to run about 30 miles an hour. The terminator doesn't look like anyone I can think of, he just kind of looks like a marine in a white shirt and jeans. We jumped into the phone booth, traveled to current times (which is the future for Marty McFly) and it followed us.

This is when the music started up to really get the scene going. It's the background music for the The Living Daylights, the 1987 James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton. In fact, it's the music from scene where he's hanging out the back of the cargo plane fighting that general. Here it is, it's called Hercules Takes Off.

So now this Terminator is chasing us to this music with traveling shots, hand held camera now and then, and quick editing. We run across a highway and up into a parking ramp. Then he jumps in a car and starts trying to run us over, it's not working cause I (Marty Mcfly) am leaping over other parked cars to get away. Then I escape into the office building the ramp is attached to, along with the other guy. Then there's some shots of a man (played by Nathan Fillion) seeing all this in the security cameras. He's like "Uh oh" and starts getting his some security forces together. So the terminator is chasing us through the office building with other people not stopping him, papers flying everywhere. I think they're not stopping him cause he looks like a person, I don't know, maybe they're too in shock. I think he also chased us through a shopping mall and destroyed stuff. I definitely remember something about him and me in a skyway.

Then we make it back out into the parking lot and the terminator grabs my friend and starts punching him. I can't stop him, but I do see my van (Note: It's the version I have now that's in a state of x-treme disrepair). So I jump in, but I don't have my keys! Luckily the van is in such bad shape I can just turn the ignition area and it will turn without a key. I briefly thought of how much that sucks for security, but then start driving full speed toward the terminator. It saw me, then jumped out through a plate glass window. Stupidly, I continued chasing it. I fell about 4 stories in the van, landing on top of the terminator. My van blew up.

Good thing it blew me to safety. It launched me all the way to the side of an elevated highway. Then I see the terminator pop out of the wreckage from my van (also this blew bits of the building up so there's rubble everywhere, like half a downed building's worth). Then it starts running toward me. I start to run across the highway full of speeding cars trying to avoid getting hit. As I start to do this, the Terminator runs past me. I'm like "what the-?" and it continues running through the traffic spouting statistics about highways and cars as it goes. "6 lane highway, all cars 60 miles an hour, 8 cars per minute in a grid pattern, 40% likelihood of survival" etc etc. It was malfunctioning. I jumped back to the side of the road.

Then an RPG zooms in and blows up the terminator as he's running along on top of the far guard rail. I turn around and I see Nathan Fillion there in full up army gear with a bunch of other army guys. One of the army guys puts away his rocket launcher. The background music ends. Nathan Fillion says to me (and now my friend is back and we're back up on a big pile of rubble) "you boys okay?" and I'm like "yeah, I- I mean, yeah, I guess so" (cause I'm Michael J. Fox).

Then he looks at some papers and goes: "These are tomorrows newspapers, they all have your picture on the front because of all the damage you've done." and I'm like: "Oh I'm sorry." Then he looks even closer at one of the photos realizing something: "John Connor?" "yeah..." "Well... you're me." Turns out Nathan Fillion is John Connor in the future, the resistance leader for humans against the machines.

Then I woke up.

The end.

*Note: That's the alternate ending that I liked better. Originally it ended with the Terminator escaping by jumping off the guard rail into who knows where and that twist with the future John Connor. I felt miffed and I didn't like that the terminator escaped, so I rewound it and had the army guys blow it up. It made a bigger climax and a more satisfying ending.


SRBachman said...

Too long to read.

mgctim said...

What Bachman said.

whitney said...

owen dream catcher dennis.

ps. can we watch the terminators before you leave?