Friday, May 23, 2008

So when they said they had internet here...

What they meant was: "Yeah yeah... the internet... you're talking about the world wide web right? Netscape and all that?"

They opened up one of the computer terminals here (running windows CE? wtf??), but they have a cap every day of 500 megs of downloading, after that it's 56k. These computers are so slow I'm typing faster than they can display the informatin on the screen. So with the amount of time that I'm allowed to use this terminal, mail is actually one of the fastest ways to contact me, outside of the phone, which works intermittently. These computers don't allow youtube or IM and they won't download anything (they think yahoo is a program and refuse to go to it.) But I should get my computer back from MN by like monday or so. While I was backing up my harddrive the hard drive failed so it had to be fixed. Apple was going to throw away my hard drive (right after I said I wanted to keep the harddrive) without telling me. They seem to view it like they're just replacing a part. It's more like a plumber comes into your home, then replaces what needs to be replaced, then takes off with all your artwork, family photos, and music collection and says it's company policy. BS.


Anyway, besides that headache yellowstone has been pretty sweet. There is snow EVERYWHERE. On the way here the snow was higher than my van, so it was like I was driving through these big channels in the snow with walls of white on either side. It was sweet.

Everything here is really spread apart and hard to understand the layout of. The employee dining room is 3/4 of a mile away and I have to walk through snow channels to get there. Also when it snows here it's basically white out conditions, I haven't seen it do just a light snowfall yet.

I've spent the past 3 days cleaning bathrooms and getting all the hotels in Grant ready for today. Today is the first day that people are allowed to be here.

Also there's a grizzly bear down by the lake so every time we go down there we have to make a lot of noise.

What else? I've found that there is so little to do here that everyone is constantly drinking or doing drugs of various types. It's either that or you can do a puzzle. We've gotten so bored we're making up new types of ping pong games.

Also I'm a semifinalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. That's pretty cool.

There's a guy here named Roger that has a tattoo down his forearm that says "ROGDOG" in that tribal lettering style. He's pretty much the new Steele Pletts. I don't have any real stories about this guy yet because he works in the kitchen and I'm housekeeping. The guy is ridiculous though. He speaks with a twang from virginia I think (70% of the people here have a twang of some kind, I'm actually now able to tell them apart from one another). People like my complete lack of an accent.

There's a guy here that works out CONSTANTLY. Too bad for him no amount of weight lifting can fix your face.

Also no one here shares my sense of humor very well. It took me two days just to find someone that knew there was a new batman movie coming out. I mean wth? It's BATMAN. Lame.

Anyway, I know there's more, but all of this seems to read rather boringly and I doubt anyone will read this far anyway. If you do though, kudos, I can't include pictures to break things up at all cause this computer is ridiculous. Today is my day off so I'm gonna go find something to do.

Friday, May 9, 2008

So last post for a while...

I mean I haven't made a post in a while to begin with, but this will probably my last post for a while until I'm at least on the road to Yellowstone.  I have to be there by the 16th of May and I'll be staying there cleaning rooms until the 15th of August.  So I'll be gone for 3 months out in the wilderness hopefully.  I've got a lot of stuff I have to do before then, like get an atlas, get some sneakers, maybe hiking boots I dunno, I should probably get a bicycle helmet as well, mosquito repellant, sun screen, bear repellant, etc.  Also I have a hard drive I'm in the middle of backing up and I have to back up my computer as well.  Also I have to get moved out.  I only realized tonight how much I'm gonna miss some people.  I mean I knew I would, but tonight was when it struck me the most.  

Anyway, goodnight, people probably won't be hearing from me for like a week at least.