Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New Blog

Hey, so this is going to be my last post on here for probably a year. China has blocked blogspot/blogger, so for the past few weeks I've been diligently working on making my own blog hosted on my own website: I implore you to look at my website and head on over to the blog section to read what's going on with me in China. I will be able to update this blog from anywhere in the world unless countries start banning my website for some reason.

If you only want to look at the blog you can link directly there by going to which will forward you to

Alright, now that I've said "Owen Dennis" so many times:

It is unlikely that I will be able to continue in my posting duties on Hello!, Let My Show Ya Something Sweet! and WAITING FOR GIRLS TO CALL. Unfortunately, if I am able to do anything on those blogs it will be through other people posting for me. I'm told that I might maybe be able to view blogs while I am away, but I most certainly will not be able to post on them. This goes for facebook as well.

So now I would say it's time to update your bookmarks!

I'll keep my blog updated as often as I can. Blogs are easier than email lists cause you can look at it whenever you feel you want to instead of getting it stuffed down your throat in your inbox.

See you in China!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is normal at the Tour De France,176312

Apparently this guy jumps around like a devil at the last lap of the race. He's been doing it for 16 years. Reminds me of Boombox Basketball Guy around my house.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is a test...

I'm seeing if this service called posterous works.  I'd really really like to use blogger in China, but if I can't post on it then I can't post on it and that's that.  This web service is kinda neat though cause I can apparently just type in everything in an email, like I'm doing right now, and then send it to my automated email/updating system and it will just take care of it for me.  So here I am, trying it out.  Diana said she can read blogs, but she just can't post on them.  I'm trying to get around this issue.

here's a picture to see if it works:

<img src="">

I really have no idea if this is an automated service or what.  I haven't figured everything out because I'd like to be able to use host the pictures on blogger as well.  Maybe I'll have to host them myself and reference them, but no one gets to see larger versions of the images or something.  I could use a code that makes a small version of the image, then links to a larger version I guess.. I mean... that's what thumbnails are to begin with except they're usually pretty decent quality.  I should look into this.

Posted via email from owendennis's posterous

Edit: Well that's pretty lol... I can see this working though, so I'm going to keep troubleshooting it.

New Sci-Fi movie I'm looking forward to: District 9

It's based off of one of my favorite short films Alive in Joburg. It's all about racism and humanity and other such things. I like the film because it has what feel like some surprisingly powerful moments in what's really a short time frame. Whenever I've watched it I've always thought "man I wish I could see more of this". The first time I saw it I rewatched it like 3 more times. The new movie sounds like exactly what I wanted but with some sort of cover-up plot or something involved. I'm a big fan of what it looks like they're doing with the special effects. Not over-the-top, just there when it needs to be. Moon was very similar in the whole special-effects-where-they-need-to-be-but-they're-not-trying-to-be-flashy thing.

I'm really looking forward to this movie and I feel like Neill Blomkamp might be a director to start watching. Unfortunately I'm going to be in China when it's released... :-(

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Asteroids: Coming to a theatre near you

"Astonishingly, not only is Asteroids being made into a movie, but there was an actual bidding war between four major studios for the rights. Universal Studios has emerged the winner.

As a result, Matthew Lopez is set to write the script and it will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Lopez has written the screenplays for the recent Disney films Escape to Witch Mountain and Bedtime Stories, as well as for the upcoming The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Meanwhile, di Bonaventura's latest ventures include Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the soon-to-be-released G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

Such good writing talent. I'm glad the studio decided too look deep into their vast army of writers to find us this crew.

It's not April right now. A vector based game from the 80's that has no story at all is being turned into a movie. I was wondering when this would happen. This exact situation. Some 80's game that has no story to work from at all turned into a movie. In some ways I'm happy I finally get to see it happen, in other ways I want to be the guy who invents the Kill Other People Through the Internet Machine.

The only two things that will save it (save it as far as it could possibly be saved) is a cool opening title sequence made of white on black dot and vector based lines:

and if the space ship looks like this old school 70's/80's style space ship:

This could be a chance to make a really cool movie that happens to have a video game's title (which will automatically bring it down many many notches), or it could just a really really awful movie (most likely of the two scenarios).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What to do...

Feeling uninspired and not creative. It's very strange and kind of unnerving. I went to my grandmother's and I had a good idea for a live action feature length movie. While I was driving today I had another idea for an animated short. Both of them are pretty good I think, but it's like any idea I come up with is anchored at the back of my head so it flies forward and then hits the end of the rope and sort of floats back. It's lame. It's a very strange feeling that only ever seems to be fixed by me changing my location. These ideas never ever EVER come to me when I'm sitting at home. I'm hoping China will give my brain a jump start.

I still always feel tired and in a state of middleness. It's basically the feeling I associate with end of the semester stress. Nothing is making me particularly excited or particularly unhappy. I'm just going. Blah. Nothing. Nothing is going into my head and nothing is leaving it. I even tried drawing a little bit to free myself up, but it's like Circle > face. Every time. BORING. NOTHING NEW. My brain is just a lump sitting up there. It makes me feel like I'm wasting my mind while I still have it.

Scratch that. I'm thinking back about the last thing that made me really excited and pumped up and it was watching The Bad Seed with my grandma, aunt, and mom on Turner Classic Movies. That's when I was really like "ahhh!! Exciting!" and that's when I came up with my new feature movie idea. I just keep feeling like I don't have the patience or effort to put into making this stuff. It's like my drive to succeed is gone cause I don't have an end goal any more. It used to be that it was like "okay, finish high school, finish college, go to california and make what I want". Well now I've finished some of those things and I'm afraid to go to California cause it's my last step and it's like what do I do after I get there? Nothing. I have nothing after that. Grow old? China is like me procrastinating by having an adventure instead of going to California to start my slow march toward death. There was WAY too much of me coming to terms with my own mortality this past month. Not a fan. I gotta get out and do something that young people do so I can feel alive and well. It's like... I just don't feel funny anymore. Like I feel like I've lost my sense of humor. Nothing is funny, can't think of anything witty to say. Everything is blah.

I need to go exploring or something. Hopefully China fixes that. I'm thinking about China and I just don't really believe it. Like I don't believe it's coming soon. It's a month from tomorrow. That's not long. Every time I've changed scenery however I always come up with something new. I just kinda wish that whatever the next new thing is is something I can do on my own. I keep coming up with non-currently achievable ideas. As I said I came up with one animated short, but it's going to be strange to make because it's not a comedy. Again, I only have a premise, nothing more. It's not funny and it ends really sadly.

Tomorrow I'm going to be going to the CONvergence. I'm going to be going the whole weekend purely because of this issue I'm having. I hope it helps or frees me up or makes me feel some sort of emotion of some kind.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A sweet mish mash of movies turned into my dream last night.

Last night I had a dream that I was Michael J. Fox (young Marty McFly version) as Jon Connor. I say "I" but it was only kind of me, it was all in third person and filmed like a movie. Close ups, traveling shots, quick editing, etc. I traveled through time in Bill and Ted's time traveling phone booth with some nameless person that I was showing time travel to. We went to some medieval time and then a scary as hell terminator found me. This was a new and faster terminator than had ever been previously seen (seeing as how they're machines, they can run faster than a normal human.) It was able to run about 30 miles an hour. The terminator doesn't look like anyone I can think of, he just kind of looks like a marine in a white shirt and jeans. We jumped into the phone booth, traveled to current times (which is the future for Marty McFly) and it followed us.

This is when the music started up to really get the scene going. It's the background music for the The Living Daylights, the 1987 James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton. In fact, it's the music from scene where he's hanging out the back of the cargo plane fighting that general. Here it is, it's called Hercules Takes Off.

So now this Terminator is chasing us to this music with traveling shots, hand held camera now and then, and quick editing. We run across a highway and up into a parking ramp. Then he jumps in a car and starts trying to run us over, it's not working cause I (Marty Mcfly) am leaping over other parked cars to get away. Then I escape into the office building the ramp is attached to, along with the other guy. Then there's some shots of a man (played by Nathan Fillion) seeing all this in the security cameras. He's like "Uh oh" and starts getting his some security forces together. So the terminator is chasing us through the office building with other people not stopping him, papers flying everywhere. I think they're not stopping him cause he looks like a person, I don't know, maybe they're too in shock. I think he also chased us through a shopping mall and destroyed stuff. I definitely remember something about him and me in a skyway.

Then we make it back out into the parking lot and the terminator grabs my friend and starts punching him. I can't stop him, but I do see my van (Note: It's the version I have now that's in a state of x-treme disrepair). So I jump in, but I don't have my keys! Luckily the van is in such bad shape I can just turn the ignition area and it will turn without a key. I briefly thought of how much that sucks for security, but then start driving full speed toward the terminator. It saw me, then jumped out through a plate glass window. Stupidly, I continued chasing it. I fell about 4 stories in the van, landing on top of the terminator. My van blew up.

Good thing it blew me to safety. It launched me all the way to the side of an elevated highway. Then I see the terminator pop out of the wreckage from my van (also this blew bits of the building up so there's rubble everywhere, like half a downed building's worth). Then it starts running toward me. I start to run across the highway full of speeding cars trying to avoid getting hit. As I start to do this, the Terminator runs past me. I'm like "what the-?" and it continues running through the traffic spouting statistics about highways and cars as it goes. "6 lane highway, all cars 60 miles an hour, 8 cars per minute in a grid pattern, 40% likelihood of survival" etc etc. It was malfunctioning. I jumped back to the side of the road.

Then an RPG zooms in and blows up the terminator as he's running along on top of the far guard rail. I turn around and I see Nathan Fillion there in full up army gear with a bunch of other army guys. One of the army guys puts away his rocket launcher. The background music ends. Nathan Fillion says to me (and now my friend is back and we're back up on a big pile of rubble) "you boys okay?" and I'm like "yeah, I- I mean, yeah, I guess so" (cause I'm Michael J. Fox).

Then he looks at some papers and goes: "These are tomorrows newspapers, they all have your picture on the front because of all the damage you've done." and I'm like: "Oh I'm sorry." Then he looks even closer at one of the photos realizing something: "John Connor?" "yeah..." "Well... you're me." Turns out Nathan Fillion is John Connor in the future, the resistance leader for humans against the machines.

Then I woke up.

The end.

*Note: That's the alternate ending that I liked better. Originally it ended with the Terminator escaping by jumping off the guard rail into who knows where and that twist with the future John Connor. I felt miffed and I didn't like that the terminator escaped, so I rewound it and had the army guys blow it up. It made a bigger climax and a more satisfying ending.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You can't see it yet...

... but I officially own

Someone has been squatting on that site for about 6 years (at least). They've tried to sell it to me to no avail over and over again. Then they ditched it. Now it's mine. I now have and I haven't gotten hosting for it yet, I'll probably do that next month or something. So far I just own the domain name. Don't care though, it's great. I'm pumped that I finally get my own dot com. I'm at my grandma's figuring out what I want to do with it.

I'm now definitely the official Owen Dennis on the internet. I'm the official facebook Owen Dennis, and the official .com holder Owen Dennis. No chiropractor or soccer star Owen Dennis, just me: Owen Dennis.

Yessssss *pumps fist in the air*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was reminded of two of my favorite videos on the internets today...

The shredding videos. I LOVE them.


Ozzy and Jake E. Lee: